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Deborah’s Novel “Great and Wide Sea” Released

Press Release – September 2007
Southern Novelist Releases Historical Fiction

Courtroom drama, culture clashes, a mother’s love, and a strong and smart female protagonist with the backdrop of a hurricane-conflicted sea all fuse powerfully to create “Great and Wide Sea,” written by southern novelist and lawyer Deborah Wagnon.

Spanning the life of Neva Majette, the novel set in coastal Georgia begins in 1906 and follows Neva through her life journey to 1966. The book tells a story of morality and justice and follows Neva’s life as daughter of a lighthouse keep inextricably bound to the sea. Knocked down often by the circumstances of life, Neva nevertheless discovers an inner resiliency to outsmart the system and win while refusing to be driven by revenge. As a young woman, Neva must surrender her only child for adoption and later fights to become the first woman attorney in 1930s Georgia.

The book is a hybrid of “an overwhelming sense of place with the added components of love, pain and legal intrigue,” according to the author. Discussion is already under way to transfer the book to film.

Published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, the book is available at any bookstore nationwide or can be ordered through , , , or directly from the publisher at

Posted 09/05/2007

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